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The client wanted to digitize their value chain and port the users to a digital system.

The client's user base comprised old people accustomed to the traditional way of ordering over the phone.

Skeptical of action-to-be-taken and unsure of the outcome


Conducted a heuristic evaluation and a usability test to identify usability issues and make recommendations related to filling the divorce form and the webpage containing the form

Usability Testing

MA Court No-Fault Divorce


Employed card sorting and tree testing exercises, and performed an advanced assessment, to make recommendations toward re-structuring the information architecture and content on the university website

Quantitative Metrics/ IA

Stanford University Website


Conducted observations and interviews to gather qualitative data- to identify pain points, generate insights, and suggest recommendations to improve the pro se litigant experience

Field Research

MA Trial Court


Experimental Research

Usability Research

Designed an experimental research study to examine the impact of color saturation on the usability of a web interface and tested the validity of  the hypotheses via a comprehensive analysis of the user behavior data

Group 158.png

Prototyping/ IxD


Designed high-fidelity wireframes and prototype to improve the experience of accessing and using Personal Health Record data on a mobile phone

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