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"Based in the Boston area, I am a mixed methods user researcher and product designer with ~9 years of experience in B2B, B2C, and enterprise software applications."

UX Lead (Research, Strategy, & Design)

Adwait Gharat

Creating value and delivering experiences that are both- functional as well as fulfilling


An overview of the UX process..


Transforming The Ordering Experience Of Digital Immigrants

Global Leader In Manufacture Of Alcoholic Drinks

Designed a B2B application to help port the client's user base to a digital way of placing and managing their orders. The application was adopted by about 50000 users over a period of 3 months thus furthering the client's digital transformation initiative.

User Research

Literature Review

Competitive Analysis

Affinity Map

Information Architecture


Journey Mapping


User Testing

Shipping/ Delivery

More details about particular methods..


Simplifying The Form Filling Experience Via Usability Testing

MA Family & Probate Court No-fault Divorce Form

Identified usability issues and made recommendations for filling out the No-Fault divorce form and the webpage containing the form. It led to the MA Court forming a committee to review the case and fine-tune solutions based on the findings and recommendations of this study.

Heuristic Evaluation

Moderated Usability Testing

Usability Report



Helping Users Navigate Readily By Employing Quantitative Metrics

Stanford University Website

Identified areas of conflict and performed an advanced assessment to make recommendations toward restructuring the information architecture and content on the university website. It shall aid a variety of visitors to find the information the need readily.

Card Sorting

Tree Testing

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis


Distance Matrix

Multidimensional Scaling

Information Architecture

Quantitative Analysis


Qualitative Evaluation Of The Self Represented Litigant (SRL) Experience

MA Trials Court Pro-se Litigants 

Conducted observations and interviews to gather qualitative data, identify pain points, generate insights, and suggest recommendations to improve the pro se litigant experience. The study was presented to an audience of 21 court members and was leveraged to convey the pain points to court administrators, including the chief justice.




Field Studies

Qualitative Analysis

Designing The Personal Health Record (PHR) Application Experience

Mobile Healthcare

Designed high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to improve the experience of accessing and using Personal Health Record data on a mobile phone



Interaction Design

Competitive Analysis

User Journey

Usability Test

Information Architecture


Studying The Impact Of Color Saturation On Usability (Experiment Design)

Experimental Research Study On Usability Of Web Interfaces

Designed an experimental research study to examine the impact of color saturation on usability and tested the validity of the hypotheses via a comprehensive analysis of user behavior data. The results of the study shall be useful for designing interfaces, especially from an accessibility point of view.

Survey Design

Literature Review

Hypothesis Testing

Research Question


Quantitative Analysis


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